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How to generate RSSI reports for NetBotz wireless sensors in StruxureWare Data Center Expert

Issue: How to generate RSSI reports for NetBotz wireless sensors in Data Center Expert

Product Line: Struxureware Data Center Expert

Struxureware DCE 7.x, Netbotz 250, Netbotz 450, Netbotz 455, Netbotz 570
Netbotz Wireless Sensors and Routers

Log in to the DCE Desktop Client. Go to the Reports Tab and on the left column, under Sensor History Reports, select Other Numeric.
Click the Generate Report button on the bottom left of the screen. In Report Criteria click on the Folder Icon below to Choose Devices and Device Groups.

Select the device(s) you need the RSSI report for. After selecting the device(s), select the RSSI sensors on the list and click Ok.
This will then generate a report depending on the Date option and Report Format you have selected.

On the upper right of the DCE client, you have the option of either saving or exporting the report

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