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How do I troubleshoot the test emails failing to send on a NetBotz Appliance?

Error Message: Unable to send test email. Check appliance log.

Product Line:
NetBotz v3

NetBotz: 355, 455, 450, and 570
NetBotz: all firmware revisions

Misconfiguration or network issues can cause test emails to fail.


1) Log into the NetBotz Appliance using Advanced View.

2) Select the Configuration tab.

3) Within Appliance Settings, double-click into E-mail Server.

4) Verify the following information:
- From address (some e-mail servers require a valid from address)
- SMTP server (if using hostname, check DNS settings OR change to use IP Address)
- Port (ensure the port is not restricted on the network)
- SSL Options (if required by the e-mail server)
- Authentication (if required by the e-mail server)

5) Test E-mail Server.  If it fails, continue to step 6.

6) Under Appliance Settings, double-click into Network interfaces.

7) Ensure that the Subnet Mask, Gateway, and Hostname are correct.
NOTE: Ensure that there are no spaces within the hostname field.

8) Check your e-mail server logs to see if the emails are being rejected.

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