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How do I obtain an SNMP or Modbus DDF for StruxureWare Data Center Expert to monitor 3rd party devices?

Published date: 23 May 2018

How do I obtain a DDF for StruxureWare Data Center Expert to monitor 3rd party devices?

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StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)

StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)

Most APC devices have a Device Definition File (DDF) within DCE for monitoring device sensors.  To be able to monitor most third party devices, DCE requires a DDF to know what sensor values to poll.


NOTE: is no longer being monitored.  DDF Requests now go through

NOTE: If your DCE client does not have access to the internet, you will need to manually associate your device to your DCIM Support account at

If the computer the client application is installed on has access to the internet, proceed with the steps below:

1) Within the DCE client open the help menu and select DCIM Support Community.

2) Select Yes to associate your DCE appliance to your DCIM Support account.  You will be prompted to log in to the site.  If you do not have an account, register for one before continuing.

3) You can verify the DCE appliance has been associated to your account by select your profile icon in the upper right and then selecting My Products.

4) Select Device Support on the Navigation bar.

5) Search for the Device you would like a DDF for to see if it has already been requested.  To searching by generic brand and also more advanced searches such as the model.

6a) If a result comes up that matches your device, select the name to navigate to the device request that already exists.  You can then select "I Want it too" within the Data Center Expert entry. After requesting, proceed to step 

6b) If after searching there are not entries for the device, there will be a button to request a DDF within the search results. 
NOTE: Your search results must contain zero results before the request option will show.

7) Fill in the required information.  Ensure to check the option for DDF under Choose Type.
NOTE: If this is an SNMP device request, ensure to provide a MIB file and SNMPwalk file.  Instructions for the SNMPwalk file can be found within the request form.
NOTE: If this is a Modbus device request, ensure to attach the Modbus register map to the request.

8) Once the Device is registered, you can see the request status by going to your profile picture in the upper right and then select My Device Requests.

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