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What are your humidifier specifications and control operations for the InRow RP?

What are your humidifier specifications and control operations for the InRow RP?
Product line:
Data Center Cooling
The humidifier is a self-contained, steamgenerating type and is factory piped and wired with a disposable cylinder that has an automatic solid-state control circuit. Humidifier canisters shall be replaceable. The humidifier controller communicates directly to the microprocessor controller and provide complete status and control.  The humidifier controller is capable of controlling the flush cycle and conductivity via automated controls. The humidifier produces up to 6.6 lb (3 kg) of steam per hour.

Humidity is managed using dewpoint control. Humidity readings and setpoints are shown in %RH but are converted to dewpoint internally for control. The InRow RP's humidifier injects steam into the air if the humidity is below the humidify setpoint. The output for humidification is determined by the difference between the humidify setpoint and the average return air humidity of all the units in the cooling group (if more than one unit is present).  When only humidification is active the fan speed is a constant 50%. If cooling or reheat is active while humidification is active, the minimum fan speed is 50%.

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