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PowerChute Business Edition 8.5 and later Linux Package Signing Key

Installing the RPM distribution of PowerChute Business Edition Agent gives warnings or errors.

Product Line:
PowerChute Business Edition version 8.5 and above

Supported Linux OS

The Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) distribution of PowerChute Business Edition is signed with a GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) key.  It is recommended that you install the public package signing key on your system.

Public Key information

Key PowerChute Business Edition v8.5.0 Public Security Key for Linux RPM

Key ID American Power Conversion (PowerChute Business Edition) <support@apc.com>)


Please download the public key from the link below and then follow the instructions underneath to install the public package signing key:



On an RPM-based system, after downloading the public key, use rpm to install it. Run the following commands as root.

1. Import the public key into the RPM database:

rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY-PCBE

2. You can verify the key installation by running:

rpm -q gpg-pubkey --qf '%{NAME.EN_US}-%{VERSION.EN_US}-%{RELEASE.EN_US} --> %{SUMMARY.EN_US}\n'

3. To manually verify an RPM package, you can run the command:

rpm --checksig pbeagent*.rpm

Using the wild card character “*” means that the command verifies all .rpm files in the directory.

Note: If you are using a Windows machine and you save the contents to a text file, it will be necessary to remove the Control-M (M) characters


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