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Netbotz Vibration Sensor theory of operation.

Netbotz Vibration Sensor theory of operation

Product Line:

Netbotz Vibration Sensor NBES0306

Theory of operation


The vibration sensor is comprised of a weighted piezo film element that when flexed will generate a voltage. Once the voltage exceeds a pre-determined threshold, it will cause a contact closure which will generate the alarm. This threshold is not user definable, but inherent in the design. It was set to reduce false triggers caused by floor shake due to foot traffic, etc. but sensitive enough to detect rack movement caused by vandalism, etc. This sensitivity is based on the unit being mounted as indicated in the installation instructions, mounting anywhere else in the rack may cause false triggers or reduced sensitivity.When mounted properly, the sensor should detect seismic activity starting at the mid-to-high 4's on the Richter scale

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