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Data Center Expert | Download the Essential Device Definition File (DDF) for NetBotz Rack Monitor 750

You cannot use the Web UI password to download the essential Device Definition (DDF) file for the Rack Monitor 750 in StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE).

Product Line
StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
- Basic Appliance (AP9465)
- Standard Appliance (AP9470)
- Enterprise Appliance (AP9475)
- Virtual Appliance (AP94VMACT)
StruxureWare Central (SWC)
InfraStruXure Central (ISXC)
Netbotz 700 Series
-Netbotz 750 (NBRK0750)

You must use the Root account user name and password to download the Essential Alerts Device Definition File (DDF) for the Rack Monitor 750. The Essential Alerts DDF is a secondary DDF used by DCE that defines the pre-configured alarms for which DCE will alert.

Use the Root account user name and password to download the DDF. The default user name is root. You set the password on first use. See the User Guide on www.apc.com for instructions to set or reset the Root password.

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