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SmartConnect Portal indicates that the firmware is out of date on my SmartConnect enabled UPS. How do I update it?


SmartConnect Portal indicates that the firmware is out of date on my SmartConnect enabled UPS

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Smart-UPS models with prefix SMT, SMC, SCL, SMX, SMTL, and SRTL, have an APC SmartConnect Ethernet port that you can use to connect the UPS to Schneider Electric cloud services.


SmartConnect enabled Smart-UPS products are able to download the latest UPS Firmware from the Cloud.


1 - To upgrade the firmware you can do so via the cloud portal if you have a valid standard or advanced plan.
See the instructions at the link below
or view the attached video "SmartConnect Firmware Upgrade".

2 - The other option for upgrading the firmware is Via the "Configuration" menu on the UPS LCD screen. You can update the UPS firmware by selecting "​Install FW?"
Note: This option will only be seen once a Firmware Image has been automatically downloaded by the UPS from the cloud, and is not available for SCL model Smart-UPS.

Once you select "Install FW?" your options are:
• Next off (Updates the UPS Firmware next time that the UPS is turned off)
• Now (Updates the UPS firmware immediately without interrupting operations)
• Don't Install

The update will take approximately 5 minutes to complete from the time you initiate the update. You may not have battery back up available during some of this time. If you have a high profile application you may want to use "Next Off" so that the UPS updates itself the next time you reboot the unit rather than doing the upgrade live.

3 - Update the firmware using the Firmware Upgrade Wizard. See Schneider Electric FAQ279197 How do I update the firmware of my SRT/SMC/XU/XP/SMX/SMT/SMTL/SCL/SRC/CHS series Smart-UPS using the Firmware Upgrade Wizard?


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