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Are NetShelter SX, SV, CX or VX cabinets NEMA rated?

Customer requests an enclosure with a specific NEMA rating.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX, NetShelter SV, NetShelter CX, NetShelter VX, NetShelter WX

All versions and serial ranges.

Some harsh environments require NEMA rated enclosures.


NetShelter cabinets do not carry any NEMA ratings. NEMA rated enclosures are for use in harsh environments like outdoors, or indoor where liquids or corrosive agents may be present. NEMA rated enclosures also house dangerous equipment. NetShelter SX cabinets are built for use in a clean IT environment and don't house dangerous equipment or materials. For a full list of NEMA ratings and definitions please visit the NEMA website.

Please notice the terminology being used in this document: NEMA rated "enclosure" and NetShelter SX "cabinet".
UL 2416 has made specific definitions for the words "enclosure" and 'cabinet':
The word "cabinet" is to be used to describe non-NEMA rated products.
The word "enclosure" is to be used to describe NEMA rated products.
For more information please see Knowledge Base document FA225841.

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