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Are schematic drawings or 3D renderings available for NetShelter cabinets?

During assessment 2D drawings or 3D files of NetShelter cabinets may be needed.
Product Line:
All versions and serial ranges.
3D files may be requestd to test fitment, or compatibility.
2D drawings (CAD source and PDF) are available on the individual product's pages of the APC website under either the Documentation tab or Drawings tab.
Go to the APC website and search on the sku. Then, go to the Documentation tab or Drawings tab.
If you would like to request 3D STEP files of a NetShelter cabinet or PDU please contact your Schneider Electric Account Manager or Technical Support. They will forward to you a 3D File Request Form (Nondisclosure Agreement) to fill out, sign and return. We do not offer STEP files or IGES files for any Smart-UPS.
Your request for additional information will be reviewed for approval. We may not have 3D files available for NetShelter accessories or NetShelter SV.
We reserve the right to deny access to 3D files.

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