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Video: PDU Outlet Panel Replacement on Symmetra LX & Symmetra RM UPS Systems

What is the procedure for installing, or changing an integrated Outlet PDU for a single phase Symmetra UPS?

Product Line:
Symmetra RM
Symmetra LX

All serial ranges

The Outlet PDU panels installed on the rear panel of a Symmetra can be changed as the user's needs change.
Symmetra LX Tower models do not ship with any receptacles for direct connection of loads.


Please use the following instructions when adding or replacing a PDU panel to modify the available outlet receptacles on the rear of the Symmetra RM or Symmetra LX:

Warning: Please ensure that the Total Power Off procedure, outlined on the rear of the Symmetra LX, has been completed prior to performing any steps in this article. The UPS must be completely de-energized before the PDU plates can be safely serviced.

Special Note: Symmetra LX systems with integrated Extended Runtime cabinets are unable to utilize the lowest PDU Panel slot. There is insufficient space to accommodate both a PDU Panel and the communications wiring for the integrated battery cabinet. Therefore, these Extended Run Symmetra LX systems configurable up to 16kVA have 3 customizable PDU Panel slots. Some examples of Extended Run Symmetra LX Systems: SYA8K16PXR, SYA12K16PXR, SYA16K16PXR, SYAF16KXR9T, and any International equivalents, such as SYA16K16JXR

Installation/Removal of Symmetra LX PDU Panel:

1) Remove the screws in the four corners of the existing PDU panel or blanking plate. Place the screws in a safe location for installation later.

2) Gently remove the existing panel, exposing the wiring harnesses. Disconnect each wiring harness if removing an existing PDU panel. (see figure below)

3) Match-up and connect the 2 or 3 wiring harnesses on the new PDU panel to those inside the UPS. (see figure below)

Please Note: Depending on the PDU panel being installed, only 2 of the 3 wiring harnesses inside the UPS will be utilized. Only PDU panels requiring a neutral line will use the 3rd wiring harness. Disregard wire coloring as the wiring harnesses will only mate with the correct matching terminal.

4) Carefully arrange the wiring behind the PDU panel or blanking plate.

5) Fasten the new PDU panel or blanking plate with the four screws saved in step 1 above.

The following video demonstrates how to perform this procedure:

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