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InRow Firmware Upgrade via multiple NMC Cards(ACRC, ACRP , ACSC, ACRD)

InRow Gen1 Firmware Upgrade via multiple NMC Cards(ACRC, ACRP , ACSC, ACRD)

Product line:
InRow Cooling

Data Center Cooling


See the attached document, which will explain how to install and execute an NMC firmware upgrade for multiple units that are using the same firmware. For example, if you have 102 ACRC101, or a total of 50 ACRP100s and ACRD500s. See list of units below that use the same firmware.

ACRC100, ACRC101, ACRC103

ACSC100, ACSC101

ACRD100, ACRD101, ACRD200, ACRD201

ACRP (600mm units)
ACRP100, ACRP101, ACRP102, ACRP500, ACRP501, ACRP502, ACRC500, ACRC501, ACRC502, ACRD500, ACRD501, ACRD502

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