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Schneider Electric Rack LCD products and perceived "Image Burn In" / Dead Pixel Policy


Screen or image "burn in" on a Rack LCD product; appearance of a "ghost" image

Dead pixel policy

Product Line

Rack LCD Console models:
  • AP5808
  • AP5818
  • AP5717
  • AP5719


  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware revisions


The models listed above have a Liquid Crystal Display. By nature, LCD's are not susceptible to "burn in" technically but "image persistence." Leaving the screen on 24/7 is not considered proper operation and will void any warranty replacement terms. This is considered negligence in most cases. For your particular unit, reference the warranty terms at the end of the product's user guide.

Furthermore, a user may experience "dead pixels" which do not disappear, even after massaging the LCD.


  1. Do not leave the monitor on more than 24 hrs without any operation or movement on the screen (such as a screen saver). It's the main reason resulting in perceived burn in or image persistence.
  1. To effectively prevent the said operation error, turn off the LCD screen using the "LCD Turn Off" button or close the lid when not in use. Please note, closing the lid will only turn off the backlight (but keep the signal active) on the LCD and the "LCD Turn Off" button should be utilized for long periods of inactivity. On the AP5808 or AP5816 units with an integrated KVM switch, there is also a screen blanker feature that can be utilized. To enable this, press F3 and configure the SCREEN BLANK:OFF(0) option to between 1-30 minutes.
  1. If the unit is already experiencing this issue, create a 1280 x 1024 completely white image file (.gif, .tiff, etc) on the screen or for use as a screen saver. Leave the image up when not in use or configure a screen saver to run after 2-5 minutes of non use. After a few days, the monitor should not experience image persistence any longer. Refer to items #1 and #2 above to prevent any further issues.

Dead Pixel Policy

Schneider Electric's dead pixel policy requires at least (4) dead pixels in order to be covered under the two year repair or replace factory warranty.

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