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On Battery" status when using Isolated Extension Cable (Part # AP9825)


"On Battery" status when using Isolated Extension Cable

Product Line
  • Interface Cables
    • Isolated Extension Cable (IEC) - AP9825

  • Installations connected to a UPS
  • All serial numbers


This issue can be caused by an incorrect cable or if the UPS is truly running on battery power.

  • If you are using the Isolated Extension Cable directly with a Smart UPS, then ensure that the proper cable is being used. The proper cable is part number 940-0024.
  • If you have ensured that the correct cable is being used, verify that the UPS is not on battery. The UPS will illuminate an amber light on the front panel and will beep four times every thirty seconds when it is operating on battery power. If the UPS is on battery power, then there may be a loss of power at this particular outlet. Verify that the outlet has power either with a volt meter or try plugging another UPS into the same outlet.
  • If you are using the Isolated Extension Cable with a Simple Signaling device, such as the Interface Expander card, Share UPS, or Back UPS, then ensure the 940-0020 / 940-0023 cable is installed between the serial port on the computer and the Server End Unit of the Isolated Extension Cable.

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