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How to take the Single Galaxy 5000 UPS from normal operation to total power off using an external Maintenance Bypass Panel

How to take the Single Galaxy 5000 UPS from normal operation to total power off using an external Maintenance Bypass Panel.

Product line:
Galaxy 5000, Galaxy 5500

All models, all serial numbers

Due to site maintenance, inclement weather, and other conditions, request come in for assistance with Powering Down the Galaxy 5000 UPS

The instructions to power down the UPS are available on the display.  This procedure is for a single UPS with an external maintenance bypass panel.

Regardless of wall mount, or free standing, the external breakers have the same designation.

These instructions are in the owner’s manual which can be located at https://www.apc.com/salestools/MBPN-8YPFLA/MBPN-8YPFLA_R0_EN.pdf

Step 1: Touch any button on the display to wake it up.
Step 2: Push the Menu Button
Step 3: Scroll to “Maintenance”
Step 4: Choose “Stop the UPS”
Step 5: Press the Inverter OFF (gray) button for 3 seconds to transfer the load to the Static Bypass Switch.
At this point, the load is no longer protected by the UPS.
Step 6: In the MBP (Maintenance Bypass Panel), push and hold the “Transfer Initiate” button.  Remove the key from it’s lock.
Step 7: Use the key to unlock CB1 – Maint Bypass.
Turn on the CB1 breaker.
Step 8: Unlock CB2, remove the key, and place it in the key interlock.
Turn off the CB2 Isolation Breaker.
The UPS is now fully isolated from the load.
Step 9: Set the battery circuit breaker(s) QF1 to Off Position.
Step 10: Turn off the CB3 Input Breaker
Step 11: Open the UPS door.
Turn off Q1 Switch
Turn off Q4S switch

Wait until the display and LEDs turn off.

Caution: There is still stored energy in the capacitors, and batteries inside the UPS.  Never remove any covers or panels.  There are no user serviceable parts inside.

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