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How do I configure the date/time on a v3 NetBotz Appliance?

Process for configuring date/time settings on a v3 NetBotz Appliance.

Product Line:
NetBotz v3 (355, 455, 450, 550, & 570)

NetBotz v3 (all firmware versions)


1) Log into the Advanced View application using an Administrator account.

2) Select the Configuration Tab and then under Appliance Settings select Clock.

Proceed with setting up Network Time Protocol (NTP) or manually defining the date/time.

Configuring Date/Time using NTP

3) Check the Box for Enable NTP.

4) Define the Primary NTP Server hostname or IP Address you would like to use.
NOTE: You can add up to three NTP servers.

5) Select Set time now using NTP to force sync the date and time with the NTP server(s).

6) Select OK.

Configuring Date/Time Manually

It is recommended to configure the Date/Time using NTP whenever possible.

3) Ensure the box is unchecked for Enable NTP is not checked.

4) Manually define the Date/Time.

5) Click OK.

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