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NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 Sensor Pod and Remote Sensor events missing from “By Event” configuration page


Sensor Pod and Remote Sensor type events (with the prefix SP or RS) are missing from the Event Actions for Individual Events list on the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250.
Configuration->Notifications->Event Actions-> By Event configuration page:

Excerpt of event list below:

Product Line
  • NetBotz Rack Monitor 250

  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions


This is a firmware issue. It occurs whether or not there are supported sensor pods (Sensor Pod 150/NBPD0150) or remote sensors (AP9520) connected to the Rack Monitor 250 appliance.


Configure sensor pod (SP) and remote sensor (RS) type events by groups rather than by individual event. Navigate to the Configuration->Notifications->Event Actions-> By Group menu option, and apply configurations by Severity or Category.

Alternatively, to configure SP and RS type events individually, use the method explained in knowledge base article ID FA156104, and rely on event code IDs in the text file attachment to this knowledge base.

APC Nigeria


NB250-SP_RS-eventcodes.txtNB250-SP_RS-eventcodes.txt [4.66 KB]
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