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How do I adjust thresholds for a Netbotz within Advanced View?

How do I adjust thresholds for a NetBotz within Advanced View?

Product Line:
Netbotz Appliance series 300 - 500

Netbotz Appliance Version

From time to time predefined or custom thresholds may need to be adjusted to allow prevent unnecessary notification due to changes with the data centers environmental controls. This article will explain the necessary step to need to adjust predefined thresholds on a Netbotz Appliance using Advanced View.


To be able to configure a Netbotz Appliances predefined threshold we will need Advanced View. To download the latest version of Advanced View please see Knowledge base FA230223 for links to download the latest version. Once Advanced View is installed and you have successfully logged into the appliance, please follow the steps below. In the example below we will adjust the predefine temperature threshold for a probe that is directly connected to the main appliance.
1. Click on the Configuration Icon located between History View and About
2. Locate and double click on Sensor Pods
3. Select Sensor Pod (integrated)
4. Click on Sensor located at the bottom of the window
5. Select the Temperature Sensor
6. Select the Default Range Threshold
7. Click on Edit located at the bottom of the window
8. Adjust the threshold to fit your needs
9. To accept changes continue pressing OK until you have reach the main Window of Advanced View

You can repeat these steps as many times required to adjust all the different sensors that are installed on the Netbotz Appliance.

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