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What is the function of the additional switch on the fan units of my NetShelter CX?

There is no information in the User Manual regarding the fan booster switch.

Product Line:
NetShelter CX

AR4018A and AR4018IA s/n 6N1607J00031 and onward.
AR4024A and AR4024IA s/n 6N1533J00009 and onward.
AR4038A and AR4038IA s/n 6N1509J00025 and onward.

A Fan Booster Switch has been added to the AR4018A, AR4018IA, AR4024A, AR4024IA, AR4038A and AR4038IA.

The fan booster switch was added to the NetShelter CX cabinets to increase airflow, but the Owner's Manual has not been updated yet.
For more information regarding this switch please see the attached file.

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20150413 NetShelter CX Fan Booster Switch rev2.pdf20150413 NetShelter CX Fan Booster Switch rev2.pdf [160.51 KB]
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