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What materials are used in the main structure and acoustic foam lining of the NetShelter CX?

From what materials is the NetShelter CX is constructed?

Product Line:
NetShelter CX

All versions and serial ranges.


The NetShelter CX is constructed using Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC).

The NetShelter CX also uses a combination of Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF) and High Pressure Laminate (HPL) on its top and MDF on its plinth base.

The four acoustic foams & barriers which line the interior of the CX are:

Foam 1. Meets HF1 the highest rating for cellular foam products.

Foam 2. FT70 - flame retardant, compliant to BS476 part 6 ; class O, and cellular part 7: class 1, UL94-HF1 and UL94-VO and F.M.V.S.S 302

Foam 3. FT80 - flame retardant, compliant to BS476 part 7: class 1, UL94-HF1 and UL94-VO and F.M.V.S.S 302

Rubber.   CB-V0-02
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