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How to install a Remote On/Off (EPO) in a Uniflair unit.


All Serial Numbers  How to set up input contacts on a Uniflair unit. 

Product line:
All Uniflair Units with a pc0 control board. 

All Serial Numbers  How to set up input contacts on a Uniflair unit. 


The list below shows where the remote on/off control can be place. If the customer does not use either the flood sensor, or the fire-smoke sensor remote on/off can be used on either Input 2, 4, or 6

After selecting an Input contact to use you will need to define whether the connection is a serial or contact 


The pCO features digital inputs for connection to safety devices, alarms, device status indictors and remote control signals. These inputs are all optically-isolated from the other terminals and can operate at 24 Vac, 24 Vdc and some at 230 Vac.

 Note: separate as much as possible the probe and digital input signal cables from the cables carrying inductive loads and power cables to avoid possible electromagnetic disturbance.IMPORTANT WARNINGS: if the control voltage is taken in parallel from a battery, install a dedicated RC filter in parallel with the
battery (the typical features are 100 Ω, 0.5 μF, 630 V). If connecting the digital inputs to safety systems (alarms), remember that: voltage across the contact must be considered as the normal operating condition, while no voltage must represent an alarm situation. In this way, any interruption (or disconnection) of the
input will also be signalled. Do not connect the neutral to an open digital input. Always make sure that it is the line that is disconnected. The 24 Vac/Vdc digital inputs have a resistance of around 5 kΩ. 

4.4.1 24 Vac digital inputs

For pCO3, pCO1 and pCOC: all inputs can be 24 Vac. The following figure represents one of the most common diagrams for connecting the 24 Vac digital inputs, for a pCO3.




To maintain the optical isolation of the digital inputs, a separate power supply must be used just for the digital inputs; Figs. 4.h and 4.i show the connection diagrams for the versions: MEDIUM (extended) and LARGE (limited to the part regarding the terminals located inside, on the board). While being the more
common and the simplest diagrams to complete, these do not exclude the possibility of powering the digital inputs independently from the power supply to the pCO. In any case, the inputs only have functional insulation from the rest of the controller.

The input contact will utilize the 24 volts from the units control transformer the exteral switch will be a dry contact to which will control the function or unit operation. It is important to note that the 24v signal must be grounded to the signals origin to properly function

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