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Why is my AP9622 APC Building Management Card inaccessible after changing the slave ID?


Upon configuring the AP9622 APC Building Management Card with a slave ID of 13 (0x0D) specifically, the AP9622's configuration menu becomes inaccessible yet the AP9622 continues to output modbus data.

Product Line

  • UPS Device Management
    • AP9622 Building Management Card


  • All AP9622 firmware versions
  • All AP9622 serial numbers


A firmware bug exists in the AP9622 product. The use of slave ID 13 (0x0D) causes the AP9622 configuration menu to become inaccessible, thus prior device settings cannot be changed. These device settings include the port speed, parity, and slave ID.


Slave ID 13 (0x0D) should not be used.

If this situation has already been encountered, please contact technical support for assistance. If the AP9622 product is under factory warranty, it will be replaced under RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Please note the AP9622 product can still provide Modbus data in this state as mentioned previously. The AP9622 product will still communicate via the configured port speed, parity, and slave ID, however if these settings need to be changed, the AP9622 will need to be replaced.

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