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Video: How to configure redundant group control for a DG4 or DG5 controller

How to configure redundant group control for a dg4 or dg5 controller

Product line:
Carel DG4 DG5

All Product models, all serial numbers




DG4, 5 RUG to Individual


  1. Set dip switches on board to: 1 on the rest off
  2. Set dip switches on display to:
    1. 5 on the rest off for DG4
    2. 1 and 5 on the rest off for DG5
  3. Disconnect the RUG wire (T-Connecter)
  4. Hold down the top-left three buttons for about 10 seconds
    1. DG4 Non CM Units (left, right, and up arrows)
    2. DB4 CM units (Override, Status, and Config. buttons)
    3. DG5 (Temp., Humid., and Run Hours)
  5. Terminal Adr.
    1. Should be 16 for DG4
    2. Should be 17 for DG5
  6. Set I/O board Adr. to 1
  7. Enter
  8. Enter
  9. Set Trm1
    1. to 16 and Pr for DG4
    2. to 17 and Pr for DG5
  10. Set all other Trm# to none
  11. Scroll to Ok? with the enter key and change it to Yes then hit enter.



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