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Once the combination for an AR8132A Combination Lock Handle has been lost can it be recovered or changed?

The combination of the AR8132A has been misplaced. Can the combination can be recovered or reset? 
Product Line:
All versions and serial ranges. 
Lost combination for AR8132A
Resolution :
Please see attached file: 
No Combination Recovery or Reset for AR8132A Lost Combination
If lost, the combination for the AR8132A is not recoverable. The lock must be opened with the current combination before it can be reset.
Once the combination is lost the only way to open the lock is with the included master override key (key 222).
The only way to use a combination again is to replace the AR8132A whose combination has been lost.
This is also true for the combination lock handles included on the AR3200 NetShelter Colocation Cabinet.
Special note: if replacing the combination lock handle of an AR3200 with AR8132A you must reuse the hasp from the rear of the original AR3200 combination lock handle. Do not use the hasp that ships with the AR8132A, it will not work on the AR3200. The hasp on the rear of the original AR3200 door handle will unscrew. After removing it, simply swap it for the hasp on the replacement AR8132A. After completing this swap, and installing the replacement AR8132A, you will be left with the original AR3200 door handle that has an unknown combination and the hasp that came with the replacement AR8132A.
Uncontrolled if printed. Electronic Storage and Reference Recommended.                                                   REV.2 20121030

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