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Telephone/DSL Splitter of the S15 & S15BLK, AV Power Conditioner w/ Battery Backup.


The S15, Power Conditioner with Battery Backup has a Telephone/DSL line splitter, along with COAX and Ethernet surge protection

Product Line:

S-Type Power Conditioner w/ Battery Back-up.


S15, S15BLK

Cause / Resolution:

The Telephone/DSL splitter will accept a 2-line 4-wire telephone connection and splits it off into two separate telephone lines. When a telephone connection comprised of two separate telephone lines, is connected to the Telephone/DSL splitter, line ONE will be split to ""Out A""(pins 2&3) and line TWO will be split to ""Out B""(pins 2&3).

The Telephone/DSL splitter DOES NOT split a single 1-line 2-wire connection.

On a standard telephone connection, a customer can have a maximum of two separate telephone lines/numbers. Line ONE is between (pins 2&3) of the RJ-11 connection. Line TWO (this only applies to customers who have requested a second line from the telephone company) would be between (pins 1&4).&

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