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Single Phase Symmetra XR Frame Compatibility


Single Phase Symmetra XR frames are compatible only with certain UPS systems.

Product Line

Symmetra Power Array
Symmetra RM
Symmetra LX


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Due to some design differences, not every single phase Symmetra XR frame is compatible with every UPS system in the single phase Symmetra product family.


To determine compatibility, reference the following guidelines:

Symmetra Power Array UPS: use any combination of SYXR4. and SYXR12.

Symmetra RM UPS: SYRMXR4B4.

Symmetra LX UPS: use any combination of SYARMXR3B3, SYAXR9B9, SYARMXR9B9, or SYRMXR4B4. SYXR12 and SYXR4 cabinets are compatible only with the use of the DC cable adapter, SYOPT3, which is discontinued.

Please note: The maximum number of XR frames that can be supported by single phase Symmetra platform is 7.  Symmetra LX systems with integrated XR cabinets can only communicate with 6 additional, external XR cabinets.

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