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Permanent Insulation Monitors (PIM) for IT Networks


The attached documents explain how an IT wiring network is protected using  Permanent Insulation Monitors (PIM).   
It also explains the various applications and how this relates to a UPS. Electric shock cannot occur without the circuit being completed.

An typical example of this would be birds on non-insulated power cables. In such cases there is no return path so there is no danger with physical contact on the first fault.

Looking closer at the IT network, we see that this system is different to the other systems as no part of the secondary side of the transformer is connected to Earth so that there is a floating earth in such systems.

As there is no return path this system is very safe if installed properly. It is used in hospitals, mines and other special areas

Merlin Gerin is a leading manufacturer of such devices for practically all applications, e.g for hospitals, chemical plants etc.
These devices detect insulation faults and, in addition, some monitors continuously indicate the value of the insulation resistance on a digital display.

For more detailed information, see:


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