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NetBotz v3 | How do I add/remove custom audio clips?

Published date: 08 May 2018

Process for adding/removing custom audio clips on a v3 NetBotz Appliance.

Product Line:
NetBotz v3 (355, 450, 455, 550, & 570)

NetBotz v3 (all firmware versions)


1) Log into the Advanced View application using an Administrator account.

2) Select the Configuration Tab and then under Appliance Settings select Custom Audio Clips.

3) To add a custom audio clip, select Add Custom Audio Clip.

NOTE: To delete a custom audio clip from your appliance, select the audio clip from the Custom Audio Clips list and click Delete Custom Audio Clip.

4) Brose to the custom audio clip and then select Open.
NOTE: Files must conform to the following specifications:
OGG format: 8 kHz or 16 kHz sample rate, mono or stereo.
Windows WAV format (PCM only): Any sample rate, mono or stereo. WAV files are encoded into OGG files on upload, so the actual storage space used is less than the initial WAV file size.

5) Provide the audio clip with a unique label and then select OK to upload it to your appliance.

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