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Can a cooling unit be tipped or laid on its side?

Can a cooling unit be tipped or laid on its side?

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They absolutely cannot be laid on their sides for movement. The units also can not have any parts removed to aid in laying the unit on its side. THIS WILL VOID ALL WARRANTY. Please see below for the maximum amount of degrees that is allowed to be tipped. InRow units cannot be tipped at all due to their high center of gravity. Caution must be taken when moving these units.

ACSC10x       0
ACRC10x       0
ACRC30x       0
ACRC50x       0
ACRD10x       0
ACRD20x       0
ACRD50x       0
ACRP10x       0
ACRP50x       0
Uniflair            Less than 10 Degrees 
Stulz              Less than 10 Degrees
FM                 Less than 10 Degrees
Airflow            Less than 10 Degrees

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