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Upgrade Path for NetBotz Central

Published date: 29 January 2019

Upgrade Path for NetBotz Central

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NetBotz Central

NetBotz Central upgrade path

Due to the inherent difference between database versions, customers with earlier versions of NBC must follow the proper upgrade path to ensure data is properly retained

Server and Database Backups Prior to V 2.4:

•Backups prior to 2.4 can only be restored to like versions.
(For example a V 2.2.1 backup can only be restored to V 2.2.1 NBC.

•Depending on the customer's desire to keep their existing data, it may be a better option to simply restore the system with the 2.4.0 recovery CD rather than doing each upgrade. If they want to retain data though this would not be an option.

•Server configuration backup was added in NBC Version 2.3 so it is unavailable to previous versions.

•A customer at 2.0.X must follow each successive upgrade path from 2.04 to >2.1.2- to >2.2.3 to ->2.3.1 to ->2.4 ->2.5 or 2.5.1 ->2.5.2


•The backup process is very intensive and can take considerable time to complete. There are major database changes that must be done and the NBC will not be recording data during this time. The customer may miss 12-36 hours of data while the system is upgrading and they must weigh that with the value of the historical data they already have.

•If the customer has Surveillance, they must install it at every release in the upgrade process.

Please note that NetBotz Central is no longer officially supported and upgrades may not be available.

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