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CDU Spare Parts List

CDU Spare Parts List.

Product line:

All Serial Numbers.


Please contact Cooling Tech Support to confirm the part numbers before quoting as some may have changed. 888-695-6500 Option 2, Option 2, Option 2

DescriptionPart NumberManufacturer's NameManufacturer's PN#
Adapter 3" Npt X 3" Bspt Qty. 2875-4320--
Caster Swivel 650 Lbs 2.8in Oh870-71046
Drain Pan Assy0m-61132 (W0m-61132)--
Drain Pan Plug Dome Assy827-0101Heyco Molding Prods.2790
Fdu End Panel (Qty 2)0m-61106
Flange Dielectric Braze (Braze Piece)875-4342
Flange Dielectric Npt (Thread Piece)875-4344
Flexible Fluid Piping (100 Feet 30.4 Meters)Acac20003
Flexible Fluid Piping (300 Feet 91.4 Meters) Acac20002
Flexible Fluid Piping Clamp/Hanger (Qty Of 10)Acac20010
Flexible Fluid Piping Clamp/Hanger (Qty Of 50)Acac20008
Flexible Fluid Piping Couplings (4 Per Pack)Acac20006
Flexible Fluid Piping Insulation (100 Feet 30.4 Meters)Acac20005
Foot Leveling M10 X 51 L X 28 Od Nylok Rohs825-0035b
Header 2" Fdu 3 Valve AssyUnc3-0m-0002Oriskany Manufacturing TechnologiesUnc3-0m-0002
Header 2" Fdu 6 Valve AssyUnc3-0m-0001Oriskany Manufacturing TechnologiesUnc3-0m-0001
Header Return Cdu (Flange) Assy0m-61335
Header Return Cdu (Union) Assy0m-61144a
Header Supply Cdu (Flange) Assy0m-61334
Header Supply Cdu (Union)  Qty. 4 Assy0m-61146a
Insulation  Handle Cover850-0887
Key Door Netshelter870-8135
Kit Bolts Flange Install0m-8842
Kit Diaeletric Flanges0m-61346
Label - Water Return885-2860a
Label - Water Supply885-2861b
Latch Flush Slam W/ Tumbler #333 (For Door)840-0269-333
Npt-Bspt Adaptor Kit 3in 0m-61251
Nut M6 Flanged Hex Rohs803-2406a
O-RING VALVE SEAL 1.25 ID X 0.102 WIDTH (for 1" valves)827-0212
Screw M5 X 12 Flt Ucut Phil M5 X 12 Blk Rohs803-5006b
Side Panel 42u X 1070mm Blk Sx Rohs Qty. 4 AssyW0m-5965b
Union 3" Npt Brass (Actual Union)875-4306Valve TeckBUN10
Union Plug Solid Brass 3" Npt  (Plug For Union Header)875-4307Valve TeckBPL10
Valve Ball Balancing W/Calabrated Venturi 1in875-4314TSI-HENGFA AIR-CONDITION COMPONENTS875-4314A
Valve Ball Full Port 1" W/Union875-4315Nexus ValveUX-100S-100F-BGG
Valve Repair Kit - Spare PartW0h-0124
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