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What type of doors comes in an EcoAisle system?

What type of doors comes in an EcoAisle system?

Product line:

North American Products
Only ACRC100, EcoBreeze, ACRC301X.



•         Sliding doors provide access to the aisle without taking up floor space for the swing of the door.  The sliding doors are available with a mechanical locking system.  The doors close automatically when slid open.  The doors are also equipped with a hold open feature to allow the users to lock the doors in the open position when moving equipment into or out of the aisle. 

•         Another feature of the doors is an emergency break away function.  In the case of an event that would cause personnel to have to evacuate the aisle unexpectedly, the doors have a push button release that allows the doors to swing open in lieu of having to slide them during normal operation.  This feature should ensure the safety of any persons working in the aisle.



•        Emergency break away swinging  door with push button access allows quick exist in the event of a fire

•      Available with standard mechanical lock.




Inside Door Handle                                                   Outside Door Handle





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