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Universal Transfer Switch (UTS) – FAQ

Universal Transfer Switch (UTS) – FAQ

Product Line:
Universal Transfer Switch Product Line



How long is the UTS’s transfer time while switching between Utility Power and Generator Power?
The UTS will take a minimum of 5 sec after losing utility power to close its relay’s, so as to not back feed generator power back into the Main Electrical panel. This process is performed and verified by the UTS, before it will engage its circuits and begin to pass Generator power to the load. The process is referred to as CPLD or Circuit Protection Load Disconnect and has been UL tested and approved under UL1008.
Why am I unable to set Circuit 1 to UPS, either or Uninterruptible?
Circuit 1 is tasked with powering the Convenience Outlet on the face of the UTS. Since the purpose of the Convenience Outlet is to power the UPS being used as your secondary Back-Up source, it essentially cannot back itself up. Therefore Circuit 1 must be supplied power directly from the generator.
The UTS is marketed as being an Automatic Transfer switch, however I am unable to locate the necessary accessory to make this work.
There has been some concern throughout the industry that consumers may use an Auto-start feature with a portable generator. Portable generators are often kept indoors when not in use and may pose a threat of Carbon Monoxide poisoning if automatically started without the owners knowledge.  As a result, Schneider Electric has opted not to manufacture the Auto-Start kit. For those interested in using the Auto-start function with a statically mounted Generator, please obtain the necessary connection block (5.08MM EURO PLUG 6 POS) and contact Schneider Electric for wiring instructions.

Generator Automatic Start/Stop Operation.
The UTS panel has the option for use of "Auto" or "Manual" start generators. Fully automatic, compatible, remote controlled, auto stop/start generators require: 
• APC UTS Generator Hardwiring Interface Kit 
• APC UTS Automatic Remote Start/Stop (5.08MM EURO PLUG 6 POS), as indicated above.
* The panel comes preset to "Manual" and should never be changed, unless the above steps have been taken to properlly connect an "Auto" start generator. Failure to do so, will result in a System Fault Condition.

If the UTS circuit board were to fail, what is the expected behavior? Will my circuits have power?
If the panel were to fail, you would have to manually bypass the failed circuit by placing the included fastener in line with the Input and Output of the designated circuit.

Why does the UTS10BI have two 10 awg Neutral wires?
When hardwired to a generator, the panel has a maximum capacity of 50A. A single 10 awg neutral wire would not be sufficiant to safetly complete the circuit. The next larger gauge wire (8 awg) would require a different type of fastener to secure it and would require considerable manipulation of the PCB. Two 10 awg neutral wires provide more than enough connectivity to meet the UTS panels needs, where as a single 8 awg wire is large and can be difficult to manipulate. 
Additionally, AFCI and GFCI breakers cannot be used with the Universal Transfer Switches (UTS) because the UTS shares a neutral for all the circuits within it and may cause problems with those types of breakers.


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