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Power Specifications for NetBotz 500


Power Specifications for NetBotz 500

Product Line:



NetBotz version 2 500


Power draw information.


Power Specifications for NetBotz 500

-Wallbotz 500 Power Consumption - Maximum Configuration (all ports occupied by max power peripherals)

-Max Power(Wallbotz 500) : 21 Watts

-Power Supply Inefficiency: 15 Watts

-Total Power Used (from Wall Socket): 36 Watts At 120VAC, ( 36Watts is equivalent to ==> 0.3 Amps )

-Wallbotz 500 Power Consumption - Minimum Configuration (Base Unit + 1 docked Camera Pod + 1 docked Sensor Pod)

-Min Power(Wallbotz 500) : 8 Watts

-Power Supply Inefficiency: 6 Watts

-Total Power Used (from Wall Socket): 14 Watts At 120VAC, 36Watts ==> 0.12 Amps


-These calculations do not take into account Power Factor for this power supply.
-The power factor may affect how much current is actually used from AC wall outlet.

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