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How do I use the Network Management Card to retrieve Event, Data, and Config Files on an InRow.

How do I use the Network Management Card to retrieve Event, Data, and Config Files on an InRow

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All InRow Cooling units

Data Center Cooling



Retrieving Event Log

1) Open a command prompt.

2) Type “ftp <ip address>” on the command prompt line and press Enter.

3) Log in using Username and Password on their respective lines and press Enter. (Username and Password are typically “apc”). NOTE: Password will not display on screen when typed.

4) At ftp> type “get event.txt” and press Enter. (Also retrieve event.txt, data.txt, and config.ini)

5) This first step is completed.  Now the file will be retrieved and the connection closed.

6) Locate event.txt in your Documents and Settings folder on your C:\ drive.  Once the file is located, you may open the document to review.

7) At ftp> type “bye” and press Enter.  This will log you out of the session.   You will need to follow the same steps 1-6 to retrieve the Config.ini and the Data.txt files.

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