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SRT 2.2-3kVA UPS Reports "Miswired - Check Input & Output Connections" Alert

Issue: After a UPS firmware update to version UPS 15.0, the UPS may report "Miswired - Check Input & Output Connections" alert depending on input configuration.

Product Line: SRT 2.2kVA, and 3kVA Smart-UPS models

Cause: Certain input configurations such as Line / Neutral reversal or Line - Line input configuration may results in the UPS reporting a "Miswired - Check Input & Output Connections" alert


Follow the below steps to clear the alert:

1. Turn off and disconnect the load connected to the UPS.
2. Turn off the UPS output.
3. Disconnect the UPS from AC input.
4. Turn the UPS on with AC input disconnected, and turn on the UPS output.
5. Connect the UPS to AC input.
6. Perform a UPS firmware update to the latest UPS firmware version using one of the methods shown in FA164737 .

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