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Replacing the Self-Signed SSL Certificate in PowerChute Business Edition versions 10.0.2 and above

How to replace the self-signed cert used by PowerChute Business Edition for HTTPS communication.

Product Line:
PowerChute Business Edition versions 10.0.2 and above

All supported Windows and Linux operating systems.


PowerChute Business Edition is a web-based application accessible via a browser. By default, PowerChute uses a self-signed SSL certificate for its Web Interface. Starting with PowerChute v10.0.2, it is possible to use your own certificate, for example, one that has been signed by a Trusted Certificate Authority (CA), instead of the self-signed certificate.

Please review the steps outlined in the attached PDF

For assistance with PowerChute Serial Shutdown see Schneider Electric FAQ FA165288 "How to replace the PowerChute Serial Shutdown Agent “self-signed” security certificate."

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