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Video: MGE SNMP Web Card NMC Firmware Upgrade 66074, 34003649SE

MGE SNMP Web Card NMC Firmware Upgrade 66074, 34003649SE

Product line:
MGE SNMP Web Card 66074, 34003649SE

66074, 34003640SE MGE SNMP Web Card Needs Firmware upgrade

Outdated firmware on MGE SNMP Web Card (2 Versions of cards out there)
Green PCB Board (NT12 and below)
Blue PCB Board (NT12 and above)

  1. Remove the Network card and look at the color of the board (Green or Blue PCB)
  1. If the PCB is Green than use Firmware version GG
  2. If the PCB is Blue than use Firmware version KD
  1. If removal of the card is not an option, than check the firmware via the web interface
  1. If the Firmware versions is AA – GF, than use the GG Firmware
  2. If the Firmware version is IA-KC, than use the KD firmware

Here is the link to the firmware for both versions of the SNMP Webcard

Here is a link to the 66074 SNMP Web Card

The following video discusses methods of determining the hardware version of the MGE SNMP Web Card:

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