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UPS Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) Certain Events do not work properly with the Dry Contact I/O Accessory (AP9810) Control Policy


Certain events do not work properly when triggered to activate the Output Relay when configuring a Device Control Policy using AP9631/31CH and AP9810. (Some other models of UPS contain the necessary ports to support this functionality too, such as SRT model UPSs.) Such events include UPS: Started a reboot process or UPS: Started a Self Test. A user is able to configure these events to activate Port 1 or Port 2 relay but they do not cause the output relay to trigger when the event occurs.

Within v5.X.X firmware web interface, the Control Policy Configuration is under UPS->sub heading Control Policy.

Within v6.X.X firmware web interface, the Control Policy Configuration is under Configuration->Universal I/O->Control Policy.

Product Line
  • UPS Network Management Card 2 (NMC2)
    • AP9631/31CH
    • AP9635/35CH
    • Devices with an embedded NMC2 that have a Universal Input/Output (UIO) port available

  • v5.X.X firmware
  • v6.X.X firmware
  • Users using AP9810 Dry Contacts I/O accessory with their NMC2


These events do not react properly to an output relay configuration because they do not contain "clearing" events. Many events typically have a corresponding event that is typically recorded when the original condition clears. For example, UPS: On battery due to an input power problem is cleared by UPS: No longer on battery power. And in certain conditions, these events are also effectively cleared by other series of events and not the specific "clearing event." An example would be when the UPS records UPS: On battery due to an input power problem and then a graceful shutdown is performed. The series of events recorded during that process is different but, the UPS shuts down and is eventually no longer on battery power technically.

More information on clearing events is available in knowledge base article ID FA156104.


The current design does not support control policies for events which do not have a clearing event. UPS: Self test started is an example of an event which does not have a clearing event and is informational. A design change to allow this will be evaluated for future firmware versions but does not work properly for v5.X.X or v6.X.X currently because there is no clearing event to return the output relay to it's normal state.

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