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UPS Signalling Bundle for IBM AS/400 & IBMi (IBM Power Systems)


UPS Signalling Bundle for IBM AS/400 & IBMi (IBM Power Systems) - General Information and Troubleshooting steps

Product Line

  • UPS Device Management
    • AP98275 - UPS Signalling Bundle for IBM AS/400 & IBMi (IBM Power Systems)
    • Most APC branded UPS Models - Single or Three Phase

  • Users with IBM iSeries or AS/400 servers looking for graceful shutdown options
  • Troubleshooting scenario
  • All UPS firmware versions (unless otherwise noted)


This article provides general information outlining the AP98275 and any steps required for the configurations to work between APC UPS models and IBM iSeries and AS/400 model IBM devices using the AP98275 cable bundle.


Please refer to the following user's guide linked below outlining the AP98275 bundle and supported IBM server models. Please note we do not currently support any system beyond Power Series 7


The AP98275 kit includes the following cables, as noted in the Inventory section of the user's guide:

This document also reviews installation, supported APC UPS systems, system requirements, and set up.

Important Configuration Information

As noted in IBM Software Technical Document 467390013, most users may be using D/A/D in SST within the IBM OS to determine if a UPS is detected by the IBM server.

What does the number indicate?
  • If the value is 0 - no UPS is detected.
  • If the value is 8 - UPS detected and everything is normal.
  • If the value is 9 - UPS detected and battery is low.
  • If the value is A - UPS detected and in bypass mode.
  • If the value is B - UPS detected, in bypass mode, and battery is low.
  • If the value is C - UPS detected and power has failed.
  • If the value is D - UPS detected, power has failed, and battery is low.

Use of the 940-0274 Cable

You will NOT receive a UPS-detected signal when using the 940-0274 cable. Instead, a “0” bit character is displayed when this 940-0274 cable is used in place of 940-0031 and IBM f/c 1827. The recommended configuration to replace the 940-0274 cable is to use the 940-0031 cable with an IBM f/c 1827 adapter. This configuration correctly reports that a UPS is detected, power has failed, etc.

If this does not work, make sure to verify the following items:

  • The cable connector end labeled "UPS" is connected to the UPS (or the 940-3000 dongle if required).
  • Power is applied to the IBM server in the correct way to configure the server serial port for UPS use.

Note: The 940-0274 cable returns incorrect values due to the IBM reporting. Per IBM Technical Document “467390013”, the highlighted value should be ‘C’ for a “UPS detected and power has failed” instance. Had the value originally been ‘8’, 8+4=C in hex. Therefore, the user cannot rely on a MISR value of ‘8’ to indicate whether the UPS is detected within the IBM tool.

It is important to test that your system is operating correctly.

To verify connectivity with the 940-0274 cable configuration specifically, perform the following steps:
  1. Attach the UPS to the system on the port specified by IBM, for example “T2” or “S2”.
  2. Ensure that the system is set to a restricted state, to minimize a possible outage if the UPS does not provide continuous power.
  3. Verify that “WRKSYSVAL QUPSDLYTIM” is not set to zero or a low value.
  4. To place the UPS into battery operation, remove AC power to the UPS by unplugging the power connection.
    • Do not turn off the UPS with the “off” button.
  5. If power is removed for longer then “QUPSDLYTIM,” the system will start to shut down.
  6. Restore AC utility power to the UPS.
  7. Check the “QSYSOPR” message queue for the Utility Power Failed and Utility Power Restored messages.

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