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New Product

Cisco Certifies all NetShelter SX Family for Pre-racking & Shipping Cisco UCS with New Cert Process!

Custom Racks

For partners and integrators that “rack and stack” Cisco UCS they can do so now and maintain the Cisco UCS warranty when utilizing ANY NetShelter SX IT cabinet with shock packaging - including wide/tall/deep & customized cabinets and Micro Datacenter SX solutions. Before this certification – shipping in a non-Cisco rack would void the UCS warranty. UCS would ship separate for onsite install. With a vendor neutral IT cabinet design, whether heavy or light load, datacenter, colocation or remote office/branch office solution we can support this beneficial time and cost saving method of deployment on any device helping partners and their customers move faster than ever before with their IT deployments! In addition to this exciting news, there is also a new process for certifying new or non-validated APC cabinets & enclosures. Contact your account manager today with requirements outside this certification to fast track your rack and stack projects with APC + Cisco together!

Custom Racks - APC
Part Number: AR3000, AR3100SP, AR3104SP1, AR3105SP, AR3107SP, AR3150SP, AR3157SP, AR3300SP, AR3307SP, AR3350SP, AR3357SP, MDC24SX3KVAI, MDC24SX3KVAT, MDC42SX5KVAI, MDC42SX5KVAT

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