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USB Power Usage Guidelines for Netbotz

Date de publication : 30 April 2015


USB Power Usage Guidelines for Netbotz version 2

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NetBotz version 2


Power usage for NetBotz version 2. In the explanation below, 1 "point" of power is equal to 100 mA.


NetBotz USB Device Power Consumption
  • The Sensor Pod 120 requires 1 point of power.
  • The CCTV Adapter Pod requires 1 point of power.
  • The Output Relay Pod requires 1 point of power.
  • Wireless Receiver 120 requires 1 point of power.
  • The Camera Pod 120 requires 4 points of power.
  • The 4-20mA Pod requires 5 points of power

Note: The 4-20mA Pod must be connected directly to the USB port on the appliance or directly connect to the USB port on a externally powered USB hub.

  • The USB ports on the NetBotz Unit provides 5 points of power each.
  • 5 points being the maximum amount of power available per USB port.
  • All USB ports on self powered hubs provide 5 points of power each.
  • A self power USB hub does not consume power from the USB bus.
  • A bus powered hub consumes 1 point of power then divides the remaining 4 points of power among its downstream devices. A typical 4 port bus powered USB hub would provide 1 point of power for each of its USB ports.
  • A USB repeater or extender consumes .1 point of power and passes all remaining power downstream via its single USB port. So using USB repeaters, four of these could be daisy-chained which would consume .4 points of power. This makes available 4.6 points of power at the end of the fourth USB repeater. Therefore, it is acceptable to place a Camera Pod 120 at the end of a daisy-chain of four USB repeaters.
  • Maximum USB distance including hubs, repeaters, and standard USB cables (excluding fiber and cat5 pod extenders) is limited to 80 feet.

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