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How to detect a common alarm through SNMP on the FM series AC units?

Published date: 17 July 2020

How can we detect a common alarm through SNMP on the FM series AC units?
Product line:
Network Air FM unit.
All serial Numbers.

 Alarm monitoring through SNMP.

There is no common alarm in the FM unit however the FM does store its alarms in a table. This table has a data field that lists the number of alarms with value being equal to zero when there no alarms. By monitoring this value we can track whether there is a common alarm or not.

As you can see, using GetIf or another mib browser, we can poll this value for the table size. We can see the value is 2 and we should have two alarms on the unit. Logging into the unit in question we confirm there are two alarms.

The exact alarms can also be polled from the table if the customer wants greater detail:

AOS 3.57
NOME 6.24
Failure to have all of these at this version or higher may result in a loss of data.

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