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How do I set on duty or off duty in the StruxureOn smartphone app?

Published date: 25 January 2018

How do I set on duty or off duty in the StruxureOn smartphone app?

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Intro and setup

The on/off duty system ensures notifications and incidents are handled by the right people at the right time.

To enable this powerful system, as an administrator, provide your prioritized contact list for your organization in the cloud management web interface (Call priority), and ensure all users understand the importance of reporting on/off duty in the app. 


As a user, when you're using the app and are on duty, remember to report on duty in the app (upper right corner) so your colleagues and Schneider Electric Service Bureau know you're available.

When you're working on an incident, you can reach out to colleagues on duty or a Schneider Electric Service Bureau agent in the built-in team chat to share relevant details immediately. This allows you to work with the relevant people on duty close to the site to solve any incidents quickly.

Equally important, remember to sign out for the day when your shift ends to avoid being disturbed at an inconvenient time.

Premium calls

If there is a critical incident on your Premium devices, the Schneider Electric Service Bureau has your back and initiates the appropriate actions. When necessary, a Schneider Electric Service Bureau agent will call the first available person on duty near the site, based on the call priority settings. 

If no one is on duty, the Schneider Electric Service Bureau will call the first person on your prioritized availability list.  

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