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Netbotz version 2 devices may not be able to monitor 48 SNMP targets.

Published date: 13 August 2013


Netbotz version 2 devices may not be able to monitor 48 SNMP targets.

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NetBotz version 2 appliances.
Advanced Device Crawlers.


System Limitations..


To begin, please review FAQ FA158317 which details the Device Crawler characteristics and requirements and implement all recommendations made in this, and all supporting NetBotz documentation. Note this issue potentially effects NetBotz v2 appliances only, as NetBotz v3 appliances utilize ""scanning"" technology which is distinct from the "crawling" technology used in v2.

APC has discovered in some rare cases the number of SNMP targets able to be supported is less than the specified 48 targets. This limitation is due to the target device itself and what appears to be an excessively large number of data points contained within that single SNMP target. In the general case, the number of supported SNMP target devices operates properly at 48.

In the rare case this is experienced, there are a number of work-arounds possible, which include:

Splitting the number of SNMP targets to be "crawled" among several NetBotz appliances to lessen the number of data points each single NetBotz will process. Reduce the number of SNMP targets to be "crawled" by monitoring devices using other methods such as SNMP scanning via ISX Central or the NetBotz v3 appliances. In an extreme case, remove the offending SNMP target device from monitoring using "crawlers", and monitor in an alternate method using SNMP (e.g. traps)

Following one of these course of action has been demonstrated to resolve any issues regarding "crawling" of SNMP networks.

Any further updates regarding BotzWare firmware will be posted to this KBASE"

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