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InfraStruXure Manager Fails to Log or Notify for On Battery Events

Published date: 13 August 2013

"InfraStruXure Manager consolidates UPS battery operation events in order to prevent multiple e-mails from being sent to the user if several UPS units were to transfer to battery at the same time. This also filters out brief transfers to battery. When a UPS transfers to battery operation, the ISX Manager will wait 15 seconds and then determine if the UPS is still operating on battery. If the unit has returned to an online state, than no email will be sent and no log entry will be made. If the unit is still operating on battery then ISX Manager will log an event stating that an ""Extended Power Failure"" has occurred. Depending on the revision of the ISX Manager this event may also say, ""UPS: On Battery for at least 15 seconds"". No e-mail will be sent at this time. ISX Manager will then wait one additional minute and poll all the UPS units again to see if they are still running on battery. After the one minute has expired, a single email will be sent summarizing the percentage of units on battery. The actual notification that is sent will depend on the number of units on battery in each device group. ISX Manager will compute the % of affected devices using the formula: Number of Affected Devices / Total Number of Devices. Based upon the results of the calculation, the following messages may be sent:

System: Some UPS systems (less than 50%) in the <name> device group are on battery

System: At least 50% of the UPS systems in the <name> device group are on battery

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