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The second Active Flow Controller will not light up in an A-Link String

Published date: 11 June 2020

Issue: The second Active Flow Controller will not light up in an A-Link String

Product line:  INROW, AFC, ACAC22000

Environment:  Air conditioning equipment.
Cause:   There is insufficient power for multiple AFCs on a single ethernet string.
Resolution:     Install one or more external power supplies AP9505I
Per the manual:
One AFC connected downstream from an InRow cooling unit can be powered by that unit. If a cooling unit is not available, or multiple AFC units are to be connected together, an external power supply (AP9505I) must be plugged into the AFC. Up to five AFC units connected together can be powered by one external power supply connected to the first AFC. The remaining downstream AFC units will be powered through the A-Link bus.
Up to 5 AFC units may be in a group provided that they are powered off individual cooling units. (ie setup of: afc-cooling unit-afc-cooling unit-afc). If more than 5 AFC’s are in a group, they will need an external power supply.  If two or more AFC’s are connected in the group without a cooling unit in-between, then an external power supply will be needed to power the AFC’s. (ie: cooling unit-afc-afc-cooling unit).


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