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How to Cold Start a Symmetra LX Extended Run Frame

During troubleshooting, it may be necessary to determine if the extended run frame can power up on its own.

Product Line

All serial ranges

If the need arises, the Symmetra LX extended run frame can be powered on without plugging it into the Symmetra LX. The extended run frame needs to have at least one good battery installed with the black knob on the front of the battery in the "On" position.

On the back of the extended run frame is a communication card. This is the same card that has the dial to select the frame ID. On this communication card is a black button labeled "Diagnostic". By pressing and holding this button for a few seconds, the green LED next to this button will light up. At this point the display on the front of the extended run frame will power on. This is temporary and the display will start counting down. Once it reaches zero it will turn off.

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