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What is the purpose behind an EcoAisle Ducted System.

What is the purpose behind an EcoAisle Ducted System.

Product line:

Only ACRC100, EcoBreeze, ACRC301X.



 •         Air return system / Ducted Aisle.  This system allows the entire aisle to be ducted to the ceiling plenum.  This feature allows the compatibility with room or external cooling systems, by providing a direct return air path to the return of the cooling system.  The ducting is available in standard heights of 787, 1041, 1270, 1524mm (30 – 60in).  The panels are customizable to allow increments that are non standard as well.  This option is available for the 900 – 1800mm (3 – 6ft) aisle widths as well. 

•      Supports 787, 1041, 1270, 1524 Duct Heights with the flexibility to be modified in the field to support custom duct height
  Translucent panels minimize obstruction of lighting from the room into the aisle



                                   Removable sealed access panels allow for quick and easy access for routing power and network cabling








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