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How Does Matrix-UPS Report Output Voltage?

The Status menu of the APC Matrix-UPS reports the output voltage level of the Matrix-UPS according to the configuration of the Out V Report setting.  The Matrix-UPS is simultaneously providing both 208VAC on the L6-30 output receptacle, and 240 VAC on the L14-30 output receptacle.  The customer may elect to use the Out V Report option, under UPS Setup menu to alter the report to the preferred voltage.

The factory default for Out V Report is Auto; in this mode the Matrix-UPS reports its output with respect to its input voltage selection (set manually inside the UPS by the user at start-up). If it is desirable to monitor the voltage at a specific output receptacle, the choices are 208 and 240 VAC. The 240 setting is also useful for customers whose Matrix-UPS powers exclusively 120 VAC loads, their voltage is one-half the 240 VAC report.


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